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FOX Business
Aug 11, 2013 9:00am EDT
be risking their lives as a privilege to service us. so you have to be careful with that. of you're right, david. look, in new york, 95% of every public employee doesn't con trent a nick to their -- contribute a nickel to their retirement. that is not okay. we have to be careful. we have don't need to scrap the programs. we have c't forget about people working the career to respect the pension but time to reform them. >> david: that is the question. how do you do it? detroit won't be the only city that goes bust. >> yeah, the problem is, unless it does file bankruptcy, citys cannot disscrap most of the plans because they he state constitutions that say they can't do that. of the they have to know goshate with thenions to do it. what they should start with is having the 401(k) plans for the new workers and try to get the higher interest rates to annuityize what the obligation has been far and cap it in the future [ the problem is with the public sector unions. they're not beholden to the taxpayers, we who pay the bills. they're beholden on the politicians. politicians rely on them to get
FOX News
Aug 17, 2013 8:00am PDT
are risky for the u.s. economy." a threat to jobs. on and on. maybe not. all the warnings that we heard about widespread furloughs, not really materializing. get this, the federal deficit is actually slinking. so is this proof it's time for even more cuts? maybe more sequesters? hi, everybody. i'm david asman. welcome to "forbes on fox." let's go in focus with the man himself, steve forbes, john candy, elizabeth mcdonald. e-mac, more cuts? >> biggest squawkers found way to stop the furlough. transportation, justice, education, pentagon. what they did is cut. even the government biggest union found ways to cut the fat. when the pentagon is doing war exercises because they warn the debt is so big and a threat to national security, if a president added $5 from on his watch and the bond market says the interest rates will go up if we continue to add to the debt, we have to do it now. >> david: rick, we understand that the sequester was arbitrary. a lot of cuts were done in a sloppy manner. if you leave it up to spineless politician in beltway, you won't get anything done. >> i don't disagre
FOX News
Aug 31, 2013 8:00am PDT
. is this putting us in danger? >> it is. it's difficult to follow the powell doctrine, you remember colin powell. he said we ought to have the resources to fight two wars at same time in different parts of the world. we can't do that today. we should invest 6% of the gdp in the defense. as we did in the reagan years. we have can't afford to do that because we're so far behind the curve on the debt issue. >> is it a security risk? >> i'll disagree with rich. we spend more than top ten behind us combined on defense. if there is a national security issue, we defend the richest countries and regions in the world without defending the united states. if you look at the depth more broadly, if anything makes us safer, china is less likely to bomb us if we owe them money than if we don't owe them money. >> david: we spend a lot of money on defense. with jim imhoff says we don't have enough, i listen. >> he's right on long-term implication of what we do on the budget. not just the deficit or the level of the national debt, david. this president wants to draw down the military rather that build it up. ve a
FOX Business
Aug 25, 2013 9:00am EDT
for us. >> rick? >> the only problem with steve's analysis, it is not dropping anybody from the employer base system. be clear on what is happening here. spouses of employees at ups will only not be part of the healthcare plan if they have a job at a company that offs them a healthcare plan. this was written in to the law specifically to spread around. >> so does it make it a good thing, rick? >> it does. >> why? >> it will level it out. i'm not going to be -- wait. i'm not denied healthcare if my spouse works for a company that also has it. not only that, ups says save the employee $1300. one final thing i'm one of those people you referred to who will have a new healthce plan. you know why? i'm going to get more for my money at a fraction of what -- >> but the costs are going up. and also, with that plan, what is going on with the health reform, bill, it's not just dropping spouses. the law says spouses or families. so if you've got a big family and your costs are higher than the government, it's true. it's right here. >> not family. >> it's in the law, rick. hang on, we'll get back to
FOX Business
Aug 4, 2013 2:00am EDT
polougz. we all want that ones. we stop using coal becse of epa regoulgzs and they sell their coal to china that have dirty energy plans in china and the world polougz becomes worse because we are not using the coal in our clone coal plants? >> first, let me say to rich and carl. i do the jokes around here. >> we all get a joke. >> and number two, that is a weird argume. it is pretty accept. >> why is it weird. >> it is not word at all. >> if we don't prous the coal chinese will do it. >> that is why it is an argument to make because another country is going to foul the environment biousing the coal. >> it is a fair condition question. we are producing cloner coal plants. >> are we though? >> yes, we are. 0, stove. our companies if you love our u.s. companies alone rick unger, you will let them develop clean technologies which they are dog with carbon capture and methane ca and you are creating more jobs and stopping polougz which we all want. nby the way our emissions of carbon dioxide are at 94 levels. primarily because of natural gas and fraking and let entrepreneurs do it clone
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)